Northern Beef Futures

On-station work underway

Development officers Kevin Bell and Lauren Gibson are on the ground in Broome, ready to assist producers

Twelve stations in the Kimberley and Pilbara are on the journey to improve productivity and profitability.

With support from Northern Beef Futures (NBF), local consultant Steve Petty has reviewed the framework for on-station work and operationalisation is underway.

Development officers Kevin Bell and Lauren Gibson are on the ground in Broome ready to assist producers.

Whilst Kevin is new to the NBF team, he is not new to Broome, having lived here for six years with his wife and family.

Kevin has been involved in a variety of activities throughout the Kimberley and Southern Rangelands and has extensive experience as a livestock and farm management consultant.

Previously, Kevin spent five years in South Korea as livestock advisor for cattle and sheep development projects and mentored a new degree course in animal science at Murdoch University.  As an Emeritus Professor, Kevin directly developed tertiary units ‘grounded in industry practice’ and provided instruction in cattle production, soil science and fertility, farm benchmarking and agricultural extension and innovation adoption.

Kevin says that beef production should be enjoyable, stimulating and profitable and he looks forward to meeting, learning from and working with, as many producers and families as possible in a partnership environment.

NBF is also pleased to welcome Lauren Gibson to the practice change team.

Lauren grew up in the Pilbara and despite a number of years studying ‘down south’, she couldn’t resist the pull of the red-dirt.

Lauren holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and has experience in farm consulting, environment and heritage in the mining industry and, most recently, as a teacher in the Kimberley.

Lauren said that she is really looking forward to working with pastoralists and others, in what promises to be an exciting time for the northern beef industry.

New premises in Broome have been secured as a base for NBF project staff when they are not out in the field.  The offices at the corner of Pembroke and Gregory Street should be fully operational in the near future.

For more information contact development officers Kevin Bell on +61 (0)8 9194 1475 or Lauren Gibson on +61 (0)8 9194 1470 or