Fit to trade bulletin

New video highlights systems that keep WA’s livestock fit to trade

Fit to trade image
Keeping Western Australia's livestock fit to trade is the subject of a new video.

A new video produced by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) provides a brief overview of how governments, the livestock industries and producers work together to keep our livestock ‘fit to trade’.

DPIRD Livestock Biosecurity director Peter Gray said that the video would promote a greater understanding of the value of the systems that protect our food safety and maximise our ability to trade.

“Western Australia had a well-deserved reputation for producing healthy livestock that are free of diseases and residues that could harm human health or damage our markets,” Dr Gray said.

“This reputation is built on systems that form part of Australia’s national animal health framework and which demonstrate to a scientific standard that our livestock are fit to trade.

“As WA exports about 80% of its livestock and livestock product annually, it is vital that producers are aware of the importance of supporting these systems to their fullest extent.

“The fit to trade video is part of the Department’s work to raise awareness of these systems.”

For more information, see the Fit to trade video or webpage.