Welcome to the new AgMemo

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In a bid to improve the way we deliver messages to subscribers AgMemo has changed its focus from region to industry.

The AgMemo team has been busy reviewing how we can improve the way we deliver our news to you.

We’ve made some changes which we hope will enhance your reading experience.

Welcome to the first edition of the new AgMemo.

AgMemo, a history

The first edition of the Agricultural Memo was published in 1963 as the brainchild of Jim Doyle, a young advisor faced with the problem of contacting farmers in a time of no radio and poor telephone service, leaving mail as the only reliable method.

After an enthusiastic acceptance by farmers in the Esperance district, the concept of AgMemo was quickly adopted by other district offices.

Initially the memo was published as a folded foolscap sheet, printed on both sides and produced monthly within district offices.

In 2012, it was modernised to an online publication, which provided readers with access to a greater pool of information through links to other webpages and online publications.

After 54 years, the newsletter remains a key way of staying in touch with Western Australian farmers and its longevity is testimony to its value.

Throughout this time, AgMemo’s general objective has remained unchanged – to keep our readers up to date with the department’s activities as well as provide timely, relevant and useful information to assist development of the agrifood sector.

What has changed?

In a bid to improve the way we deliver our news to subscribers we have changed the focus of AgMemo from regions to industries.

The main body of the newsletter will promote the department’s activities and provide timely and seasonal information that is relevant to the majority of subscribers across WA.

From this main page, you can select a business area (grains, livestock or horticulture) using the industry icons (pictured below, note you must be subcribed to see these) or from the 'See Also' section on the right hand side of this page.

These links will take you to a snapshot of some of the latest news and seasonal advice relevant to your business.

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Select one of the industry icons for additional articles more specific to your business area. Alternatively, select your business area from the 'See Also' section on the right hand side of this page.

Another new feature will be a regular section listing funding and scholarships available to the agrifood sector and events hosted or supported by the department.

This feature can be found in the main section of the newsletter, sent to your inbox and housed on the AgMemo homepage on our website.

AgMemo will continue to focus on agriculture and food, but as part of the broader Department of Primary industries and regional Development, we will be able to bring you relevant news from other parts of the department.

The newsletter will be published every two months as an e-newsletter sent directly via email. 

The AgMemo team welcome feedback and ideas from subscribers highlighting current issues and topics they would like to see published.

Please use the feedback icon at the bottom of the newsletter to contact us or mail directly to