Tenders called for new finfish nursery in Geraldton

Three fresh yellowtail kingfish displayed on a bed of ice
Yellowtail kingfish will be grown at a new finfish nursery in Geraldton

Tenders have been called for the fit out of a marine finfish nursery in Geraldton which, when operational, will produce around 200,000 juvenile yellowtail kingfish every two months.

The nursery will be located at the Batavia Coast Maritime Institute and will supply both new and existing commercial aquaculture operations in Western Australia. The team at DPIRD will supply tiny, one gram sized yellowtail kingfish to the new nursery, which will then be nurtured until they reach 50 g and then transferred to other commercial aquaculture operations.

The finfish nursery will be an important step in expanding WA’s aquaculture industry, with $7 million invested in the project over three years to build and operate the nursery. It is planned that this first module will allow the addition of extra modules to further expand the facility.

Developing a world class aquaculture industry has enormous potential for increasing economic development and boosting jobs in regional WA, as well as attracting new operators to invest in WA.