Season 2018 webpage: one-stop-shop for broadacre information and advice

A wind eroded paddock
DPIRD’s ‘Season 2018: seasonal and management information for farmers’ webpage has advice on managing the risk of wind erosion (pictured), as well a wealth of technical information for broadacre landholders.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has compiled a wide range of technical information to assist landholders in the agricultural region to navigate the 2018 growing season.

A delayed break to the season and below average follow-up rainfall, particularly in the south eastern grainbelt and inland south coast, has forced some landholders to alter their seeding programs.

The dedicated Season 2018: Seasonal and Management Information for Farmers webpage features information on crop agronomy, livestock management, farm budgeting and health, and financial support.

The department’s Statistical Seasonal Forecasting (SSF) information system’s June to August outlook predicts a 40% chance of exceeding median rainfall, based on poor to good predictive skill.

This translates to rainfall in the 2-3 decile range across much of the grainbelt.  The prediction is identical for the long term growing season outlook, for June to October.

Department officers are liaising with grower groups, consultants and farming organisations across the grainbelt, to ensure they have the information and support they require.

The department also has several online climate and weather tools and decision making aids, including:

The site also includes natural resource management advice about managing the risk of erosion, with widespread reports of wind events during autumn.

There are several articles on supplementary feeding for livestock, which could be a challenge for landholders across the agricultural region, after low levels of food-on-offer in 2017.

The department has a number of tools and calculators to assist sheep producers with grazing management.

Department officers across the regions will continue to liaise with landholders and industry stakeholders as the season unfolds.

The Season 2018: Seasonal and Management Information for Farmers webpage will be updated as the season progresses with relevant information.

For more information contact Renee Manning, Senior Policy Officer, Merredin on +61 (0)8 9081 3116.