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New members for industry biosecurity committees

A canola paddock with stacks of square hay bales in the background.

New Chairpersons and members have been appointed to the industry-based management committees that oversee the biosecurity-related Industry Funding Schemes (see below).

Industry Funding Schemes for the cattle, grain seed and hay, and sheep and goat industries were initiated in 2010 under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007. The schemes enable West Australian producers to raise funds for programs that address their industry’s respective biosecurity priorities.

Nominations for the committees were sought from industry, and new members were appointed by the Minister based on recommendations from an industry-based Appointments Committee.

Mr Steve Meerwald has been appointed as Chairperson of the Cattle Industry Funding Scheme management committee. Mr Meerwald, who has specialist knowledge of the Australian meat and livestock industry, is looking forward to working with the management committee to ensure the scheme delivers value to the WA cattle industry.

"The scheme currently funds surveillance programs for bovine Johne’s disease, enzootic bovine leucosis and bovine tuberculosis, which are an essential part of maintaining Western Australia’s enviable animal health status and support our access to export markets,” Mr Meerwald said.

Mr Ron Creagh, a grain and livestock producer from Nungarin, is now the Chairperson of the Grains, Seeds and Hay Industry Funding Scheme management committee after three years as the deputy chair.

The Grains, Seeds and Hay Industry Funding Scheme currently funds programs to address skeleton weed and eradicate three-horned bedstraw.

Mr Creagh highlighted the significance of the Industry Funding Scheme — “With the biosecurity risks to the WA grain, seed and hay industries increasing, the importance of the scheme to our industry is becoming more and more apparent and we will continue to talk to growers to make sure their funds are working for them”.

The new Chairperson of the Sheep and Goat Industry Funding Scheme management committee is Mr Ed Rogister, a sheep producer from Albany.

Mr Rogister will continue to build the scheme to enable timely access to funds to maintain the industry’s biosecurity.

“We currently target funding toward controlling virulent footrot, including research into the usefulness of a new footrot vaccine in WA conditions,” Mr Rogister said, “but we continue to work with the industry to identify other biosecurity priorities threatening the productivity, profitability and sustainability of the WA sheep and goat industry”.

Cattle Industry Funding Scheme

Grains, Seeds and Hay Industry Funding Scheme

Sheep and Goat Industry Funding Scheme

Mr Steve Meerwald (Chair) – Cottesloe

Mr Ron Creagh (Chair) – Nungarin

Mr Ed Rogister (Chair) – Albany

Ms Renata Paliskis (Deputy chair) - Mundaring

Mr Jim Sullivan (Deputy chair) – Holt Rock

Ms Danielle England (Deputy chair)– Narrogin

Ms Wendy Brockhurst – Fitzroy Crossing

Mr Rob Beard – Meckering

Mr Guy Bowen – York

Mr Craig Forsyth – Dongara

Mr Rohan Day – Burracoppin

Mr Jorgen Jensen – Mt Magnet

Mr Jim Motter – Badgingarra

Mr Brad Jones – Tammin

Mr Steve McGuire – Kojonup

Mr Graham Nixon – New Norcia

Mr Drew Mutter – Three Springs

Mr John Moyes – Yornup

Mr Mike Norton – Capel

Ms Suzanne Woods - Calingiri

Mr Charles Wass – Perenjori

More information on the three Industry Funding Schemes and management committees can be found on the Department of Agriculture and Food website.

For more information contact Rebecca Heath, Industry Funding Scheme Executive Officer, Northam, on +61 (0)8 96920 2171.