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Farm water rebates available

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Farm water rebates are available to assist with the development of reliable water supplies

Watering WA is a six year, $30 million State Government initiative, led by the Department of Water (DoW) and made possible by Royalties for Regions.

It aims to secure regional non-potable water supplies for community and agricultural use and to support healthy, sustainable environments.

Watering WA accelerates the work of the highly successful state government Rural Water Plan, which has helped secure water supplies for regional farms and towns for the past 20 years.

The program is made up of three strategies (Watering WA Towns, Watering WA Farms and Clean Waterways).

Watering WA Farms incorporates the existing Farm Water Supply Planning Scheme (FWSPS) (audit and call-back) and Farm Water Rebate Scheme (FWRS) (on-ground works).

It now extends to farms that have scheme water connections.

How much funding is available?

DoW is offering farm water rebates up to $20 000 to commercial farmers who experience water shortages in the dryland agricultural regions of Western Australia.

The rebates are to assist with the development of reliable water supplies to overcome water shortages and secure on-farm water supplies for the future.

Rebate Description Funding
FWSPS - Audit Completion of a farm water audit 50% of auditor’s fee up to a maximum of $500
FWSPS – Call back Inspection of completed on-farm water supply improvements 50% of auditor’s fee up to a maximum of $250
FWRS Rebates for on-farm water supply improvements listed on the Schedule of Approved Works 50% of the estimated standard industry rate on the current Rebate Schedule up to the maximum rebate value.


Applicant type Date of Audit Maximum rebate
Scheme connection After 1 October 2016 $20 000 paid after 1 July 2017
No scheme connection Before 1 July 2017  $15 000
No scheme connection After 1 July 2017 $20 000


Are you eligible?

  • Are you a commercial famer, registered for GST and have an active ABN?
  • Do you experience on-farm water shortages?
  • Do you operate primarily as an extensive livestock or grain producer?
  • Does your farm receive less than 600 mm average annual rainfall?
  • Is your property more than 400 ha in total? Less than this will trigger a commerciality check.

If you answered yes to each of these questions, you may be eligible for a rebate.

What infrastructure is eligible for a rebate?

  • Production bores
  • Dams
  • Roaded catchments and grade banks
  • Distribution poly pipe
  • Guttering
  • Pumps and power sources
  • Tanks and troughs

Please note infrastructure must be new, not replacements or refurbishments.

Please note that an on-farm water audit must be undertaken by a Department of Water approved farm water auditor prior to undertaking any works.

A list of approved auditors, rebate schedule and information for applicants can be found on the Farm Water Rebate Scheme webpage or call 1800 780 300.