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AgMemo Central Agricultural Region

The Central Agricultural Region AgMemo is produced for growers and industry in the districts of Lake Grace, Merredin, Narrogin and Northam.

Central Ag Region AgMemo June 2017

1. Bigger department benefits agriculture
2. Department helps agricultural businesses to navigate 2017 season
3. Protect paddocks from wind erosion
4. Stored soil water is important in 2017
5. Condition score sheep flock crucial for 2017 season
6. New Development...

Central Agricultural Region AgMemo May 2017 Issue 2

1. Variety mix and timing key to minimising frost impact
2. Seeding into deep ripped or renovated soils
3. Minimise early disease risks in your crops
4. MyCrop diagnostic apps a must for the growing season
5. Protecting Western Australia livestock markets - know the threat,...

Central Ag Region AgMemo March 2017 Issue 1

Worm and flystrike risk increases following warm wet conditions
Control weeds to optimise crop yields
Deep ripping in wet soils
Biosecurity alert: new emergency plant pest detected in Western Australia
Keep an eye on sheep condition following rainfall
Be prepared for...

CAR AgMemo Nov 2016 Issue 6

Harvesting a frosted crop
Setting common runlines for machinery in a controlled traffic farming (CTF) system
Stubble grazing over summer - tips an tricks
Stocktake and Future Directions report to guide DAFWA’s future
Farm water rebates available through Watering WA Farms...

Central Agricultural Region AgMemo September 2016 Issue 4

1. Australian plague locusts on the move
2. Crop foliar diseases to look out for
3. Frost in central and eastern wheatbelt
4. New pasture varieties launched at Dowerin
5. First declared pest rate begins in the south west land division
6. Aphid build up opportunity to...

Central Ag Region July 2016 Issue 3

Check paddocks for cereal damage, after Russian wheat aphid found in South Australia
Still time to give some canola crops a nitrogen boost
New WA-focused training program to help lift lamb production
Report the prickly pest doublegee
To aphid spray or not to aphid spray

Central AgMemo 2016 Issue 2

MyCrop diagnostic app improved with addition of oats
DAFWA forecasts variable rainfall across the grainbelt
A bumper year for sheep parasites
Reassess canola yield loss to aphids
How resistant are your redlegs?
Online Soil Water tool to improve crop potential

Central AgMemo March 2016 issue 1

Get the jump on cereal crop diseases
Bugs that will bug you this autumn
Are you sowing the right plant density to maximise profit in your malt barley?
How to dry seed and yet create flowering spread
Fixing sub-surface acidity could improve phosphorus use efficiency

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