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Update your knowledge of sheep diseases at West Midlands Group spring field day

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Released on:
Monday, 17. September 2018 - 12:30

Common sheep diseases and how to identify them will be the focus of a Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development presentation at the West Midlands Group spring field day tomorrow.

Department field veterinary officer Courtenay Bombara will highlight common diseases local producers could find in their sheep and the benefits of calling a veterinarian.

Dr Bombara will conduct a post-mortem to demonstrate evidence of diseases that become visible during autopsy and discuss how a vet can assist producers to find the cause of disease.

“When animals show unusual disease signs or behaviour or die suddenly, subsidies are often available for a vet to investigate the cause and for laboratory testing,” Dr Bombara said.

“Calling a vet enables the disease to be identified early and can help to prevent further stock losses.

“When a vet takes samples for laboratory testing, the results provide data about the diseases present in Australia. This information is crucial in proving to markets that we are free of diseases that could affect livestock production, trade or human health.

“If a serious disease is detected, it can be quickly treated and eradicated, minimising the impact on the property, other producers and industry.”

Dr Bombara said Western Australian producers and vets were the frontline of the State’s animal health surveillance team.

“DPIRD works closely with private vets, so if a disease syndrome occurs over a number of properties, we can provide resources to assist with diagnosis,” she said.

“Private vets can also advise producers about the veterinary and laboratory subsidies available.”

For more information about animal health surveillance in WA and subsidies available for disease investigations, contact your local department or private veterinarian, or check the department webpage on the Significant Disease Investigation program.

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