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Notice of Intent reminder for drainage works

Released on

Released on:
Wednesday, 8. February 2023 - 10:00

Landholders planning earthworks to manage salinity are reminded to lodge a Notice of Intent to Drain or Pump Water with the Commissioner of Soil and Land Conservation before proceeding.

There has been increased interest in investing in groundwater management, following recent average to above average rainfall seasons.

Under Soil and Land Conservation Regulations (1992), a Notice of Intent form is to be submitted at least 90 days before draining or pumping commences.

A Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) officer will undertake a site inspection and discuss the proposal with the landholder to identify any potential land degradation risks.

Commissioner Cec McConnell said each proposal was unique and it was important to work collaboratively to mitigate and prevent land degradation.

“Drainage can impact neighbouring properties so it is best practice to consider any earthworks as part of an integrated catchment management framework,” she said.

“The Notice of Intent provides a mechanism to examine a full suite of options for managing groundwater to identify potential degradation and land management strategies to reduce any environmental risks.

“Notification also gives neighbouring landholders and public authorities the opportunity to comment on the drainage proposal.”

Landholders are encouraged to seek advice from accredited contractors or professionals to prepare a detailed drainage works plan.

Failure to notify the Commissioner or commencing works before receiving a letter of no objection may result in a fine, while works resulting in land or water degradation could lead to a Soil Conservation Notice.

More information is available on the Notice of Intent to Drain or Pump Water webpage.

A long, deep drain in a paddock.
Landholders have been reminded to lodge a Notice of Intent to Drain or Pump Water 90 days before commencing works.

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