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National Science Week: Blitz on pests protects WA’s agriculture

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Released on:
Monday, 15. August 2016 - 10:00

The Department of Agriculture and Food is calling on the community to become ‘citizen scientists’ during National Science Week and help protect Western Australia’s reputation as a world-class producer.

Department Biosecurity and Regulation Executive Director Kevin Chennell invited residents to participate in the Pantry Blitz, a community focussed, hands-on activity aimed at improving community engagement in biosecurity.

Pantry Blitz, which runs from 13 August to 10 September, aims to help Western Australia demonstrate area freedom from harmful pests and diseases.

“Pantry Blitz will enhance the surveillance and identification of pests, such as the exotic Khapra beetle, which have the potential to significantly impact on the State’s agriculture and food sector,” Dr Chennell said.

“Reports of potential pests and diseases help protect Western Australia’s biosecurity status and support access for our high-quality, safe agriculture and premium food products to valuable export markets.”

Participants can register for the Pantry Blitz online and place the free trap received, which contains an attractant to lure insects, inside a pantry.

Regularly check the trap and use the MyPestGuide Reporter app to take photographs of insects caught and send them for expert identification.

Pantry Blitz is an activity of the department’s Boosting Biosecurity Defences project made possible by a $20 million investment through the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program.

The Pantry Blitz is an Inspiring Australia initiative supported by the Australian Government as part of National Science Week.

More information is available on the department website.

The MyPestGuide Reporter app can be downloaded free from Google Play store or the App Store.

Pantry Blitz runs from 13 August to 10 September.
Pantry Blitz runs from 13 August to 10 September.

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