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Flood assistance available to primary producers

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Released on:
Thursday, 16. February 2017 - 12:15

Financial assistance has been made available to primary producers affected by flooding, caused by two significant rain events in the past fortnight.

The Flooding in Western Australia (January and February 2017) has been proclaimed an eligible disaster under the WA Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (WANDRRA), jointly funded by the State and Federal governments.

The proclamation currently covers 88 local government areas, from the Kimberley to the South Coast, enabling people to apply for financial assistance under the joint State and Commonwealth disaster arrangements. Other local government areas may be added as further assessments are completed.

Under WANDRRA funds are available for:

  • reimbursement of up to 50 per cent for freight costs associated with transporting livestock, fodder or building or fencing equipment or machinery;
  • reimbursement for costs of materials only to repair or replace boundary fencing damaged or lost where it adjoins a major road or rail corridor and where roaming livestock may present a danger to the travelling public;
  • grants of up to $1500 to provide professional advice related to the disaster, such as financial, agronomic and animal husbandry issues;
  • interest rate subsidy on a new loan to repair or replace assets lost or damaged, or to replace livestock lost in the disaster.

Assistance is not provided as compensation for general damage or losses sustained, or as a disincentive to obtaining commercial insurance.

For details about WANDRRA assistance visit or call 1800 198 231.

Primary producers concerned that they will experience financial hardship as a result of these rainfall events should contact the Rural Financial Counselling Service on freecall 1800 612 004.

The Regional Men’s Health Initiative is available to work with communities and individuals experiencing distress as result of these events by contacting (08) 9690 2277.

Information on flood recovery measures and support is available on the Department of Agriculture and Food website

Media contacts: Lisa Bertram, media liaison +61 (0)8 9368 3937