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Close monitoring key in animal care

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Released on:
Thursday, 13. December 2018 - 10:15

The importance of close and regular monitoring of livestock is again in the spotlight after two recent animal cruelty convictions.

In the first case, the offender entered a plea of guilty to one charge of cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act 2002 and was fined $3000, in addition to courts costs of $944.35.

That conviction relates to a consignment of nine cows sent to a saleyard. One animal from this consignment had an ingrown left horn and a large abscess on the left side of its face.

At post mortem it was found that the ingrown horn had penetrated the skin and tissue to a depth of 30mm. The offender was a commercial livestock producer.

The second case related to a steer with an ingrown horn that was sent to a saleyard and then to an abattoir.

The animal was seen by one of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s Livestock Compliance Unit inspectors during a routine inspection.

The offender, who was a small landholder with a few head of cattle, was fined $6000 and ordered to pay court costs of $753. 

Principal compliance inspector Charlotte McIntyre said the two cases were a reminder that the welfare of animals should be a priority for all livestock owners, regardless of how many they own.

“These landholders couldn’t have been more different in terms of the number of livestock they had, but their responsibilities are the same,” Ms McIntyre said.

“Failing to treat an animal for a painful condition such as an ingrown horn or a large cancer is an offence.

“Good livestock husbandry starts with observing animals regularly to pick up on an injury or illness before it becomes severe and providing prompt treatment.”

More information about the department’s animal welfare responsibilities is available online here.

To report suspected cruelty to animals, contact the RSPCA on +61 (0)8 9209 9300 or 1300 278 3589 (emergencies only).

Media contacts: Jodie Thomson, media liaison  +61 (0)8 9368 3937