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Be wary of spreading fruit pest in verge pickups

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Released on:
Monday, 18. January 2016 - 9:15

Residents in Alfred Cove and surrounding suburbs can help keep an unwanted fruit pest at bay by ensuring no fruit or vegetable material is present in their green waste for verge collection.

Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) was found in Alfred Cove in November last year, prompting an eradication program by the Department of Agriculture and Food.

Under the program, a Quarantine Area has been established which covers all or parts of the suburbs of Alfred Cove, Ardross, Booragoon, Winthrop, Willagee, Myaree, Melville and Attadale.

Movement of non-commercial (including home-grown) fruit and vegetables out of this area is restricted.

“Qfly is a particularly vigorous fruit fly attracted to many fruits and vegetables that grow in our backyards,” department senior development officer Don Telfer said.

“Residents in the Quarantine Area should be aware that in the verge collection of vegetation by the City of Melville, they should not put out limbs of trees with fruit, as this could lead to potential spreading of the pest into other areas.”

Department staff are regularly inspecting traps and baiting trees and verges using the organic insecticide Naturalure™.

“Residents in this area should pat themselves on the back for the terrific way they have so far assisted the department by allowing access to their properties to carry out inspections,” Mr Telfer said.

The department is working closely with the City of Melville to stop the pest.

City of Melville officers are not permitted to remove green waste if fruit or vegetable material is present however will be able to return to a site to collect the remaining green waste once the resident confirms it has been removed.

Mr Telfer asked residents to be patient while inspectors revisit and bait on a regular basis.

“Provided there are no further Qfly detections in the area, we expect property visits will continue until early March,” Mr Telfer said.

“Movement restrictions on fruit and vegetables remain in place until the department notifies otherwise.”

Mr Telfer said where property visits had been undertaken but no-one was home, owners had been left a contact card.

“People who have received a contact card are asked to contact 1800 084 881,” Mr Telfer said.

More information on the Qfly eradication program, including Quarantine Area details, can be found at the department website or by contacting the department’s Pest and Disease Information Service on 1800 084 881

To contact the City of Melville waste services team call 1300 635 845, 9364 0666 or visit the City of Melville website.

DAFWA's Don Telfer (right) and Alfred Cove resident Joy Moloney
The Department of Agriculture and Food’s Don Telfer (right) and Alfred Cove resident Joy Moloney look over grapes - an example of what must not be placed in green waste for verge collection as the department responds to an outbreak of Queensland fruit fly in the area. Residents in Alfred Cove and surrounding suburbs are asked to ensure that no fruit or fruiting vegetables are present in their green waste.


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