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If you have experienced an issue, want to find out what is happening, or need extra information on using MyWeedWatcher it may be listed here.

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Current update

Past updates

25 new weeds (mostly declared cactus) have added to MyWeedWatcher in Dec/Jan 2017

  • Weeds added to MyWeedWatcher web application. Completed 4 November 2016.
  • Weeds added to android devices: you will need to update your version of MyWeedWatcher to see them. Completed December 2016.
  • Weeds added to iOS devices (iphones and ipads): you will need to update your version of MyWeedWatcher to see them. Completed January 2017.

I can't login to DAFWA or MyWeedWatcher (rectified in September 2016)

In late August and early September 2016 new users and those resetting their passwords were unable to login to DAFWA/MyWeedWatcher. On 29 August DAFWA reset its internal computer systems. This affected all user registration for new passwords and resetting passwords in DAFWA. This problem was rectified in September 2016.

For tips on using MyWeedWatcher please refer to: 

MyWeedWatcher: training material and online weed identification training

Further information

Further information on MyWeedWatcher can be found in the following pages:

Information on the Weed Surveillance Project can be found in the full report and executive summary documents attached.

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