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MySoil summarises thousands of soils into 15 broad soil types. These soil types vary depending on location. These broad soil types are a starting point for yield estimated and the identification of major soil constraints that could be ameliorated to improve crop production. Linked to the most up to date information about WA soils, MySoil is a simple diagnostic tool designed to improve identification of soil types. By identifying soil type and the main issues associated with the soil, growers can target their investigations of possible reasons why a paddock has not performed to its potential.

MySoil diagnostic tool

Below is a coloured map of different 'Ag Soil Zone' regions. To diagnose your soil type, select the region which best matches your location, by clicking on the map or legend. You will be taken to the key which will show, on left hand side, the selected soil zone you chose.

The corresponding soil types will be displayed on the right hand side.

By selecting a number of 'possible clues' or soil characteristics from drop down boxes beneath the soil zone selected (such as surface texture, dominant soil colour and pH properties), the possible soil type and its associated constraints can be narrowed down.

If you are not sure what to select, click on the 'best' icon, a green wand, and a drop down list will appear to help reduce the number of soil types.

From the results on the right hand side you can view more information about the soil type selected. Information is given on distribution, photographs, distinguishing features, constraints and references of the soil.

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