Diagnosing cladosporium leaf spot in narrow-leafed lupins

A very rare fungal leaf disease that is favoured by warm humid spring conditions.

Dark grey spots on leaves
Varietal difference in disease tolerance

What to look for


  • Dark grey spots on leaves, flowers, and the growing points of lupin plants when grown in warm and wet conditions.
  • The disease rarely reduces yields because the onset of dry weather in spring stops the spread of the fungus and allow plants to compensate for damage.

What else could it be

Condition Similarities Differences
Diagnosing brown spot in narrow-leafed lupins Dark spots on leaflets Lesions are dark brown often net-like rather than dark grey; More common early in the season.
Diagnosing grey leaf spot in broadleafed crops Dark spots on leaflets Lesions are circular and lighter rather than solid dark grey spots.

Management strategies

  • Not economically damaging. No control measures recommended.

Where to go for expert help

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