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WA Livestock Disease Outlook - for vets - September 2019

Livestock disease investigations protect our markets: Australia’s ability to sell livestock and livestock products depends on evidence from our surveillance systems that we are free of particular livestock diseases. The WA livestock disease outlook – for vets summarises recent...

Saturday, 19 October 2019 - 9:00am to Saturday, 16 November 2019 - 5:00pm

This is the fifth year of the Biosecurity Blitz that encourages communities across Australia to get outdoors to look for insects, weeds and signs of disease, which could impact Western Australia’s valuable agriculture and fisheries industries.

The aim is to discover, photograph and record as many interesting or damaging pests as possible while raising community awareness about the importance of biosecurity.

African swine fever is a highly contagious virus that causes high death rates in pigs.

Seasonal Climate Outlook October 2019

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s (DPIRD) Statistical Seasonal Forecast (SSF) outlook for October to December, 2019 is indicating 20-60% chance of exceeding median rainfall for the South West land Division (SWLD).

The project team is continuing to enhance its agricultural-technology (ag-tech) tools and share them with local growers, showing them first-hand how these specifically-designed tools can assist them in their daily working lives, to improve profitability and efficiency, increase yields and even re

Some pests and diseases are present in, and currently confined to, specific parts of Western Australia and are not found throughout the rest of the State.

Seasonal Climate Outlook September 2019

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s (DPIRD) Statistical Seasonal Forecast (SSF) outlook for spring, September to November 2019 is indicating less than a 40% chance of exceeding median rainfall for the majority of the South West land Division (SWLD).

Historical rainfall decile maps for the South West Land Division (SWLD) using baseline period of 1975-2019.

Western Australian producers can access a variety of subsidies for disease investigations in livestock that will minimise the cost of calling a vet and maximise the benefits. These subsidies are designed to support Western Australia's market access and food safety.

Registration of owners and identification of livestock in Western Australia is required by law under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (Identification and Movement of Stock and Apiaries) Regulations 2013 [BAM (IMSA) regulations]. All camel owners must be registered as owners of stock and

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