Melinda Moir
Research Officer.
Melinda Moir

My role in the department

My primary role is as an Entomologist on the Chevron Biosecurity Surveillance project. Specifically, I identify invertebrate species, curate the collection, and offer scientific advice on methodology, invertebrate taxonomy and ecology. 

Contact information

+81 (0)8 9368 4670

My background

I have 17 years experience in invertebrate ecology, conservation, and taxonomy, with a PhD in mine site restoration and invertebrate recolonisation. I was an academic at the University of Melbourne and University of Western Australia for 9 years before recently transferring to DAFWA. I have written over 40 scientific papers or book chapters, and my contribution towards the conservation of invertebrates has been recognised with six species named in my honour.


  • Chevron Invertebrate Surveillance project

Key Expertise

Taxonomy, Invertebrate, Hemiptera, Conservation, Ecology, Restoration, Invasive species


  • PhD in invertebrate ecology, Curtin University of Technology, 2006
  • 1st class honours, Biology, Curtin University of Technology, 2000
  • BSc., Biological and Environmental Science (double major), Murdoch University, 1996