Best practice marking of lambs

Page last updated: Wednesday, 1 March 2023 - 12:49pm

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Ear tagging and vaccination

A National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) ear tag with the owner’s brand and registered ear mark must be fitted before six months old or before they leave the property, whichever occurs first.

Lambs should be vaccinated with a 3-in-1 or 6-in-1 vaccine. As a minimum, lambs should be vaccinated for pulpy kidney, cheesy gland and tetanus. The marking vaccination will only give protection for six to eight weeks so a second injection is needed, normally at weaning, to give stronger, long-lasting protection. An annual booster is required each year. For lambing ewes, the booster should be given a month before lambing as this will also provide immunity to the lamb.

Scratch vaccination to protect lambs against scabby mouth is also recommended, especially if they are likely to be sold into a live export market or finished in a feedlot.

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