PBA Jurien

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PBA Jurien is a high yielding Australian sweet lupin variety suitable for all lupin growing areas of Australia and it provides a significant yield improvement over current varieties in most of these regions. 

PBA Jurien was tested as WALAN2385

Main advantages

PBA Jurien is an Australian sweet lupin variety suitable for all lupin growing areas of Australia. It provides a significant yield improvement over current varieties in most regions.

PBA Jurien is resistant to anthracnose, phomopsis, and grey spot. Seed dressings are still recommended to reduce the risk of seed borne anthracnose infections.

PBA Jurien is moderately susceptible to brown spot and lupin agronomic practices should be followed for this disease.

Seed protection and royalties

PBA Jurien is protected under Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) legislation. Growers can only retain seed from production of PBA Jurien for their own seed use.

An End Point Royalty of $2.75 per tonne (GST inclusive), which includes breeder royalties, applies upon delivery of this variety.

Seed is available from the commercial partner Seednet.

Key features

  • High yielding across most lupin growing areas of Western Australia (WA), New South Wales (NSW), South Australia (SA) and Victoria
  • Resistant (R) to anthracnose, (equivalent to PBA Barlock)
  • Resistant (R) to phomopsis (equivalent to PBA Gunyidi)
  • Resistant (R) to grey spot (equivalent to PBA Barlock)
  • Tolerant to metribuzin (superior to PBA Barlock, similar to Coromup)
  • Early flowering and early maturity
  • Pale seedcoat with seed size similar to Mandelup

Area of adaptation

Areas suitable for growth of this lupin includes all areas of Western Australia
Areas suitable for growth of PBA Jurien