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Evaluation of impact


  • to measure and report on the impact of SIBI on the sheep industry in respect to its expected outcomes
  • to provide evaluation support to SIBI activities for the purposes of program improvement.


  • Reviewed and updated methodology for the collection of data required to evaluate SIBI:
    • evaluation plan for SIBI (May 2017) – an overall evaluation plan for the project with the program logic and structure for the final evaluation included
    • draft activity evaluation plans (May 2017) – detailed evaluation plans for each of the SIBI activities were completed, leading to a more robust overall plan.
  • Analysed and communicated baseline data for the SIBI final evaluation:​
    • 2014 WA sheep producer survey report (July 2015) – this report provided the baseline data that can be used to evaluate the impact on the project
    • communication of WA sheep producer survey findings– Ovine Observer articles, Australasian Society of Animal Production conference paper and department presentation
    • Agribusiness survey report– this report provided insight into current attitudes of producers and consultants on confidence in the sheep industry as well as mid-term data that can be used to evaluate the impact on the project.
  • Implemented data collection methodologies for impact assessment:
    • maintained a log and associated report of all SIBI communication and extension activities
    • Lamb Survival Initiative feedback survey completed.
    • Most Significant Change assessments and report (lessons learnt)
  • Reviewed, updated and implemented the methodology for the collection of data required to evaluate the project.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Survey – ACIL ALLEN study and report.
  • Implemented data collection methodologies and analysis for impact assessment:
    • participation surveys – to measure the direct impact of SIBI activities on its participants
    • developed 2018 National Sheep Producer Survey in conjunction with the Sheep CRC– obtained final dataset on producer behaviours
    • completed final evaluation report of SIBI project (October 2018) –statement of impact the project has had on the WA sheep industry.
  • Implemented data collection methodologies and analysis methods for the continuous improvement of the project:
    • designed and conducted a review of the Lamb Survival Initiative (LSI) program– undertook surveys of LSI participants with team leader and made recommendations for more effective industry engagement.
    • collated data from wide range of sources to show impact of the project .

​Outcomes and achievements

The evaluation plan guided SIBI in the collection of relevant evidence to show the impact of the project. The process of developing an evaluation plan assisted the project leaders to adjust and improve activities and to be clear about how the activities would contribute to the overall project outcomes. It also helped identify risks and opportunities and helped communicate these links to team members.

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