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Noongar engagement


  • to work in partnership with Noongar landowners to increase their participation in the Western Australian (WA) sheepmeat value chain
  • to support Noongar landholders towards economic development through the provision of relevant technical and/or business training opportunities.


  • Developed and formalised a partnership with the Aboriginal Business Development (ABD) team, formerly Southern Agricultural Indigenous Landholder Service (SAILS) team:
    • the ABD partnership uses an ‘Noongar-people first’ approach to build business opportunities for Noongar landowners in the sheep industry. This led to direct engagement with the Noongar Land Enterprises (NLE) group.
  • Promoted, supported and built capacity of Noongar land managers involved in sheep production in southern Western Australia:
  • Situation statement and needs analysis of Noongar properties in sheep production in southern WA:
    • identified the priority Noongar sheep production businesses and detailing targeted areas of improvement
    • identified Noongar landholders who want to transition into sheep production in the future.
  • Supported Noongar landholders interested in sheep production:
    • provided three groups with business planning and skills development to determine feasibility and most profitable business structures 
    • delivery of demand-driven training to build the capacity of Noongar landholders to transition into and improve sheep production
    • delivered a Lifetime Ewe Management (LTEM) course for Noongar landholders to build skills and knowledge in Noongar communities in sheep production.
  • Developed a communications plan to guide ABD's and SIBI's engagement with Noongar landholders.
  • Market survey and supply chain simulation study for an Noongar-branded sheepmeat product and premium ‘native’ foods for domestic and potential export markets which might in turn lead to a Noongar producer dedicated value chain.

Outcomes and achievements

By the end of the project, several properties had increased capacity to partake in the sheep industry of WA. We saw an increase in the volume of Noongar sheepmeat production on existing properties farming sheep and an increase in number of Noongar landholders undertaking sheep production on their farms. With increased supply of the Noongar sheepmeat product and set out options to develop an Noongar branded sheepmeat supply chain for the future. Developed some new working relationships with the NLE group and the Food Industries Innovation (DPIRD) project.

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