Flystrike management tools

To make sure that any chemical application doesn’t leave you short on protection or break your withholding periods, the Flystrike Chemical Planner (a hand-held paper-based tool) and the Flystrike Assist application (mobile app for iPhone and iPad) have been developed by the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA).

Preventive chemical application is an important part of flystrike management in sheep. There are many different types of flystrike preventative chemicals on the market, all with different protection periods and chemical withholding periods. It is important to understand the value and limitations of these chemicals in the protection of sheep from flystrike.

Further information on managing flystrike can be found at Managing flystrike in sheep.

Flystrike Assist app for iPhone and iPad

This app assists decisions about the appropriate chemical for flystrike prevention whilst observing chemical withhold periods and is specifically designed for your iPhone and iPad.

You can view the main chemical groups and the relevant wool, local slaughter and export interval date for each chemical. The app then lets you set an application date and prepares a timeline for that application. The app allows you to record treatments for different mobs of sheep and schedules reminders about completed withholding and protection periods.

Please note that that app is currently offline and being updated. It will be available to download soon! 


The input screens of the Flystrike Assist app for iPhone and iPad

The input screens of the Flystrike Assist app for iPhone and iPad

Flystrike chemical planner 

The flystrike chemical planner is a hand-held paper-based tool which is similar to the smart phone app but it features a moveable dial showing the protection and withholding periods for the major chemical groups.  It is available in hard copy from DAFWA district offices.

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