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Business Development is one of three strategic pillars under the Northern Beef Development project.    

The Business Development pillar of the project supports pastoral enterprises to boost productivity, improve business management skills and increase profitability.

The Business Improvement Grants (BIG) program empowers enterprises to improve their capability and captures key performance indicators to identify strengths and weaknesses of the industry more broadly.

Brett Blanchett, CEO, Pardoo Station
Brett Blanchett, chief executive officer of Pardoo Station, provided a testimonial of how the Business Improvement Grant benefited the business.  

Key areas of focus include:

  • Business Improvement Grants program
  • collating benchmarking data to track the productivity and profitability of the cattle industry in the north
  • facilitating an exchange of knowledge within the industry through case studies, videos and testimonials to demonstrate the benefits of different station management practices
  • delivering targeted engagement and training days for shared learning in areas such a pregnancy testing
  • increasing Aboriginal engagement and participation in grants program

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Business Improvement Grants 

The department's Business Improvement Grant (BIG) program commenced in 2015 with the aim of helping to improve the performance and resilience of northern beef businesses.

It is an incentive program for commercial cattle producers in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions to increase their market competitiveness and growth, providing business advice and mentoring support. It supports pastoralists enhance their competitiveness and growth prospects by connecting them with business advice and mentoring support.

The program is providing positive trends in business performance, key performance data across industry and insights into industry issues, and evidence of positive cultural change.

The $1.125 million program supported 48 pastoral enterprises, including 12 Aboriginal businesses, to seek expert advice and develop a formal business plan as Part 1 of the program.



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