AgMemo - Livestock news, October 2018

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Bite sized videos to help with sheep management

Three short videos have been developed to briefly explain how to assess pasture Feed on Offer (FOO), condition scoring sheep and feed budgeting for sheep.

Two Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) officers have developed a series of short videos briefly explaining how to assess pasture Feed on Offer (FOO), condition score sheep and feed budget for sheep.

Research Officer Perry Dolling walks viewers through the steps to estimate pasture FOO by using pasture cuts and weights for FOO calculation on annual pastures and the Lifetimewool Feed on Offer Gallery.

The video also discusses how pasture composition and water content changes throughout the growing season needs to be considered when doing your calibrations.

Measuring condition score is important to gain an understanding of a ewe’s true nutritional status and wellbeing and a video has been produced to demonstrate how to condition score a sheep.

Development Officer Katherine Davies outlines the correct hand placement, what to feel for, how to score on a scale of one to five and what each of the scores means for production and profitability.

The information from the FOO and condition scoring videos are combined to work through a feed budget example.

The example uses the Lifetimewool break of the season feed budget table to identify the ewe’s current energy requirement, assess whether the pasture is adequate to maintain the ewe’s weight and condition score, and how much supplementation is required if pasture alone is not enough.

The break of season supplementary feeding calculator for pregnant and lactating ewe is also available online.

You can find more detailed information on annual pasture assessment, condition scoring and feed budgeting on the DPIRD website.

The production of these videos is a legacy of the Sheep Industry Business Innovation project with special thanks to the Muresk Institute for the filming location.

For more information contact Katherine Davies, development officer, Northam, on 9690 2169.