Laura Fagan
Development Officer
Laura Fagan - Team member

My role in the department

My current role involves developing mobile applications (MyPestGuide™) to support the collection of e-surveillance data and provide evidence of pest absence.  This evidence will be used to develop and maintain continued access to Australia's overseas trading markets.   To do this I collaborate across local grower communities, with citizens interested in sharing their reported pest observations, other researchers and vets in entomology, plant pathology and virology as well as stakeholders interested in developing citizen science project further.

Contact information

+61 (08) 9368 3212
+61 (0)449 979 078

My background

I have 17 years research experience in integrated pest/weed/disease management of horticultural and broadacere systems with specialist skills in developing quarantine management plans for the LNG industry and on-farm biosecurity plans.  I trained as an entomologist in Canada and worked as a scientist in New Zealand and Australia at UWA, CSIRO and Chevron on various multi-team projects including ecological monitoring and evaluation of invasive species impacts on natural ecosystems.  My entomological interests began when studying the diversity of arthropod species living in the canopy leaf litter of montane forests in Canada, followed by work in the tropics (Costa Rica, French Guiana, IBISCA Panama) and enow I engage with the community on e-surveillance, collecting evidence to prevent new pests and diseases establishing in Australia.


  • Project Manager of the sub-project "E-surveillance in the grains industry for pests and diseases" within the Royalites for Regions Project ‘Boosting Biosecurity Defences’

Key Expertise

Biosecurity, Invasion Science, Planning and Prevention, Risk Management, Integrated Pest Management, Entomology, Project Management, Project Extension, Grains R&D, Mobile Applications, Citizen Science, Extension and Engagement, MyPestGuide™


  • MSc in Ecology & Forest Entomology, University of Victoria 2000
  • BSc in Biology Work Study Programme, University of Victoria 1997

My articles

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