Findings from the Peel Food Zone investigation area

Page last updated: Friday, 24 June 2022 - 9:39am

Closed-system horticulture including glasshouses with hydroponics

Closed-system horticulture is a sub-set of protected agriculture.  In GHD's suitability assessment, this land use scenario assumed engineered, glasshouse/enclosed production systems that featured water re-use, temperature and nutrient control.  Most importantly it was assumed that no nutrients were exported into the natural environment and that waste was disposed of in closed-loop systems.

Most of the Peel Food Zone investigation area is suited to closed-loop horticulture with highly suitable areas located close to existing infrastructure, specifically Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV4) networks, three-phase power and Internet networks. The analysis concluded that the central corridor of thePeel Food Zone  investigation area is highly suitable for this system reflecting the established RAV4 network.

By definition, using closed-loop systems assumes that neither water nor nutrients are exported from the site and therefore the risk of phosphorus export was not included as a criterion. Access to irrigation water remains important, meaning this system is less suited to the eastern edge of the  investigation area, where groundwater is very limited.  

Proximity to residences in urban and rural-residential areas constrains where this system can be located.  While spray drift is less of a concern, glass house production may be associated with potential amenity impacts caused by increased traffic, noise and light.  Visual impact may also be an issue and will need to be considered in planning.

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