Findings from the Peel Food Zone investigation area

Page last updated: Friday, 24 June 2022 - 9:39am

Caveats to using the suitability mapping

  • The data sets used by GHD in this study have been used at a ‘gross’ scale and therefore provide indicative findings as to the suitability of each land use scenario within the Peel Food Zone investigation area.
  • Potential investors looking to establish food-producing industries will be required to gain development approval.
  • Due diligence will be required to confirm access to water, the site suitable for food production, i.e. not contaminated, and there are no caveats on the land for environmental and heritage purposes.
  • Regulators and the Peel community will expect that environmental conditions and standards will be maintained.
  • New agricultural developments may be encouraged to invest in improving the environmental health through re-vegetation, nutrient management and monitoring practices and water quality management.
  • Opportunities may arise from interventions in the landscape, which alter land capability such as mining operations and the widespread use of soil amendments. These interventions may reduce the impact of constraints associated with nutrient retention and water availability.



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