Grains, Seeds and Hay Biosecurity Industry Funding Scheme: Annual Report 2013/14

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Effectiveness of the Scheme

A total of $4 625 044 in contributions to the Grains, Seeds and Hay Industry Funding Scheme were received during 2013/14.

Only 12 producers opted out of the Scheme in 2013/14, compared to 11 in 2012/13, 16 in 2011/12 and 45 in 2010/11 (Figure 1). The opt-out rate appears to be plateauing, with more than 99% of Western Australian grain/seed/hay producers participating in the Scheme. This may be indicative of the value of the Scheme to the grains, seeds and hay industries.

All 12 producers that opted out of the Scheme in 2013/14 applied for a refund of their contributions. These refunds amounted to $25 818.

There has been a steady decline in the number of producers opting out of the three Industry Funding Schemes since 2010, from 61 producers opting out in 2010/11 to just 14 producers opting out of one or more IFSs for the 2013/14 financial year.
Figure 1 Chart showing how many producers opted out of the scheme

The IMC is aware that some grain/seed/hay receivers — particularly those based interstate — may not be aware of the requirements under Western Australian legislation for them to deduct and remit IFS contributions. The IFS contributions apply to the sale of all grain, seed and hay produced within the agricultural region of Western Australia — whether it is sold in WA or interstate.

A list of Registered Receivers can be accessed from the deduction and remittance of contributions webpage. The IMC would like to be advised of any produce receivers that are not included on this list so they can be informed of the legislated requirements.