Grains, Seeds and Hay Biosecurity Industry Funding Scheme: Annual Report 2013/14

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Goal 2: Maintain an equal partnership with state government

Clear roles and responsibilities

A document clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders involved in the Grains, Seeds and Hay Industry Funding Scheme was developed, negotiated and agreed to by the IMC (as overseers of the Scheme) and DAFWA (as deliverers of the IFS-funded programs). The roles and responsibilities of other stakeholders under the regulations were also identified and collated.

Liaising with state government

The IMC identified strong, formal relationships with the Minister for Agriculture and Food and the Director General of DAFWA as critical to the ongoing success of the IFS. As the Scheme is grounded in legislation, it is important that the state government are fully aware of the ongoing operations, activities and issues that have arisen. Furthermore, the Minister and Director General rely on the IMC for advice in discharging their obligations under the IFS regulations.

Both the Minister and Director General were kept up-to-date with the key work undertaken, particularly the development, implementation and outcomes of the Skeleton Weed Survey, which resulted in recommendations for the 2014/15 IFS contribution rate. A formal meeting between the IMC Chair and the Minister also took place during the year, to discuss the Scheme and the work being undertaken.

Other activities

Strategic planning

The Committee endorsed the Strategic Plan for the Grains, Seeds and Hay IFS, and developed an Action Plan to focus activities that will help achieve the IMCs goals. The strategic plan can be found at the grains, seeds and hay strategic plan webpage.

Bedstraw eradication plan

A state-wide eradication plan for Bedstraw is currently being prepared by DAFWA. The plan will provide a consistent and structured approach to the eradication of known infestations, and any infestations found in the future. The Committee has been actively involved in its development to ensure the plan complements the bedstraw program being funded by the IFS on behalf of the WA grains, seeds and hay industries.