Quarantine requirements for importing coastal cargo

Page last updated: Tuesday, 23 October 2018 - 10:45am

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The large volume of coastal cargo entering Western Australia from other states and territories poses an increasing risk to our state. Quarantine WA monitors the importation of quarantine risk items in order to maintain freedom from many of the pests, diseases and weeds present elsewhere in Australia.

Under biosecurity legislation quarantine risk items, including cargo containers must be declared at least 24 hours prior to arrival in Western Australia. Quarantine WA must be provided with all shipping company coastal cargo manifests to meet these declaration requirements.

To ensure all declaration requirements have been met, freight forwarders, agents, or consignors should ensure that full and correct container contents description and WA consignee details appear on manifests. If container contents or consignee details are not provided this may result in containers being detained at the destination port and penalties may be applied for non-compliance.

Alternatively, to ensure unhindered inspections importers can complete a Notice of Intent to Import form, or other method to advise the Quarantine WA Rail and Sea Office of the impending arrival of their cargo. The Notice of Intent to Import can be downloaded from this page.

For machinery imports it is helpful if a full description of the machine can be included to assist our inspectors identify the machine to be inspected at the wharf. Registration numbers or other identifiers are of great assistance and can help avoid unnecessary delays. Inspection fees are applied on a time basis, so delays in finding the right equipment or machinery for inspection can increase these costs. Supplying consignee details, including contact numbers will also avoid charges being applied to the incorrect parties.

Shipping manifests and/or declarations can be forwarded to Quarantine WA via any of the following methods:

Email : QWA_freight@agric.wa.gov.au
Fax: 08 9334 1818