Importing used machinery

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All used agricultural, mining and earth-moving machinery or equipment arriving in Western Australia from other states and territories is inspected by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Western Australia's (DPIRD) Quarantine WA service for contamination, such as soil, seeds and other plant material.

Before bringing machinery into WA you must ensure it is cleaned thoroughly prior to arrival. Normal grime such as light road dust, grease, concrete or bitumen is not of concern. If the machinery is cleaned to a high quarantine standard prior to entry this will avoid delays and having to pay commercial cleaning rates at a quarantine-approved registered cleaning premise on arrival. Machinery with visual contamination that cannot be secured or removed at the point of entry will be denied entry.

Limited inspections are conducted at the Kununurra and Eucla road checkpoints and, if required, more detailed inspections take place in the Kununurra town site or Esperance. At the inspector's discretion, machinery may also be directed for inspection at Quarantine Registered Premises in the Perth metropolitan area.

Machinery arriving by rail is inspected at Kalgoorlie or directed to an approved quarantine facility for inspection. Machinery arriving by sea is inspected at Fremantle Port.

Specific requirements

Machinery used in association with grape, citrus, allium, blueberry, cranberry and potato production, or originating from areas contaminated by blueberry rust or red imported fire ant, are required to have interstate plant health certification.

Machinery that is designed to be used on or likely to come in contact with other plant material may be required to have an interstate plant health certificate or statutory declaration.

Please check Quarantine WA Import Requirements for any conditions of entry relating to machinery.

Mining machinery

If the exporter can make a declaration on a company letterhead declaring that the machine has only been used more than two metres below ground, mining machinery may be accepted with some hard, 'baked-on' sub-soil or ore in places that are difficult to access, provided all loose material is removed. If there is any doubt, the quarantine inspector may take samples for examination by a soil pathologist, at the importer’s cost.

New Machinery

Machinery conformed as new and not field tested may be released at the point of entry. If unable to be determine as new or if contaminated then it will be treated as used machinery and equipment.

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