QUARANTINE WA Import Requirements Search

This page allows you to search for the import requirements for a potential carrier to enter WA. A potential carrier is something that is capable of carrying an organism and may itself be an organism.

To check whether an organism is allowed into Western Australia, search the WA Organism List. Species not listed, or listed as ‘Declared Pest - Prohibited’, will require an import permit to enter the state, and may need to be kept in accordance with a permit or at a registered quarantine facility. Species listed as ‘Declared pest – s22(2)’ may be subject to movement and keeping restrictions within the state. Please contact the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development on +61 (0)8 9386 3333 for further information.

Some species may also require an import and/or keeping permit under the Wildlife Conservation Act, please check with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions on +61 (0)8 9219 9000

If you know the common or scientific (genus and species) name of the commodity you wish to introduce into Western Australia, search by either of those names by inserting it into the commodity field, then select the relevant format and state of origin. If your search returns no results, use a generic term such as 'plants', 'seed', 'fruit' or 'vegetables' and you will get a result of 'not specifically listed'. The list conditions shown will not necessarily ALL apply to your proposed import, but you should check carefully to determine whether they are relevant.



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