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Selective breeding of sheep is an option for decreasing methane emissions. Through selection, methane production can be lowered per unit of feed intake. Additionally, feed conversion can be improved, sheep eat less per unit of weight gain, and therefore produce less methane.

Pastures that reduce methane emissions can be categorised into high quality grasses and legumes, and plants containing secondary metabolites such as tannins.

There is potential to reduce methane greenhouse gas emissions from cattle by selecting for higher feed conversion efficiency, or by using bulls with low methane emissions. Cattle with better feed conversion produce less methane per unit of feed, and are generally more profitable.

Feed additives or supplements can reduce methane emissions from ruminant livestock.

Biochar is a stable, carbon-rich form of charcoal that can be added to soil to increase water and nutrient retention. It is produced by pyrolysis, a process where biomass (plant or animal waste) is heated at temperatures greater than 250°C with little or no oxygen.

Acid soils cause significant losses in production and biomass, which restricts the ability to sequester carbon. Applying agricultural lime to these problem soils can correct acidity levels that restrict root growth and crop and pasture production.

Reforesting previously cleared farming land with permanent environmental plantings can potentially earn carbon credits for the carbon stored in the trees and litter.

Nearly all biofuel systems (mainly biodiesel and bioethanol) produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels (diesel and petrol derived from fossil oil).

The olive lace bug, Froggattia olivinia, is native to eastern Australia. It has become established in the olive growing regions of Western Australia.

The Pest and Disease Information Service (PaDIS) provides advisory and identification services on animal and plant pests, weeds and diseases that impact Western Australia's agriculture and food industries.

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