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Irrigation is one of the most important factors in producing a good yield of quality citrus. Without correct scheduling, your orchard is more susceptible to nutrient deficiencies, physiological disorders, pests and diseases.

This list provides details of a number of consultants providing viticulture and winemaking services to the Western Australian wine industry.

Are you a small landholder who owns cattle, sheep, horses, goats, buffalo, deer, pigs, alpacas or llamas?

Do you only own one of these animals that you regard as a pet?

Do you have animals that you keep on someone else’s property?

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Western Australia (DPIRD) is responsible for the administration of the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 (BAM Act) and associated regulations.

Selecting the right rootstock for your orchard is one of the most important decisions you will have to make.

Sulfur deficiency can substantially reduce yield in pastures on sandy soils in wet years, when the sulfate form of sulfur leaches below the root zone of pasture plants. This page is specific to high rainfall pastures (more than 600mm average annual rainfall) in the south-west of Western Australia

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) staff can assist with citrus-related information in addition to a broader group of contacts and links to the national citrus industry association and others relevant to the industry.

Potassium deficiency can lead to loss of clover content and severely limit production of high rainfall. Large amounts of potassium can be lost each year through leaching and removal of potassium in hay or silage.

Soil organic carbon is a measureable component of soil organic matter. Organic matter makes up just 2–10% of most soil's mass and has an important role in the physical, chemical and biological function of agricultural soils.

Barbera is an old Italian wine variety that has consistently performed well in trials in Manjimup, Western Australia with wines viewed favourably by wine judges and consumers.

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