Rural Business Development Corporation (RBDC)

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About us

The RBDC is established under the Rural Business Development Corporation Act 2000 and commenced in December 2000.  It replaced the functions of the former Rural Adjustment and Finance Corporation (RAFCOR).

The Corporation’s functions are:

  • to administer approved assistance schemes and to ensure that such schemes administered by the Corporation are properly and fairly administered
  • to give directly the financial assistance to be given under approved assistance schemes administered by the Corporation
  • to provide moneys to a department of the Public Service, or to an agency or instrumentality of the Crown, for the purposes of the financial assistance to be given under an approved assistance scheme administered by the department, agency or instrumentality
  • to carry out research into, and develop policies on issues affecting persons likely to be given financial assistance under this Act
  • to perform other functions given to the Corporation under this Act or another Act
  • to perform any other functions that may be prescribed
  • to review and give advice to the Minister on:
    - proposed assistance schemes
    - the implementation of approved assistance schemes
    - economic and other conditions in the rural sector.

RBDC schemes and activities

  • Pilot of drought reform
  • State Assistance Package
  • Farm Finance Concessional Loans Scheme
  • Climate Adaptation Assistance Scheme (NEAR)
  • Rural Financial Counselling Support Scheme

Board of directors

The RBDC is comprised of a board of five directors appointed by the Minister.

  • Rob Sands (Chairman)
  • Maree Gooch
  • Leon Ryan
  • David Bedbrook
  • Caroline Robinson

Contact information

Rural Business Development Unit
1800 198 231
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