Herbicide application

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Hydraulic nozzles for use on boom sprayers

The data provides the technical information needed to enable a good choice of nozzles for boomspraying in particular conditions.

Table 2 Choosing boom spray nozzles for particular conditions
Spray pattern Nozzle type Common use Operating pressure (kPa) Droplet size D (v,0.5) †μm Remarks
Flat fan Standard Herbicides 200-400 Fine–medium <144-340 Main nozzle used in broadscale spraying
Flat fan Low pressure Broad-leaved weed or pre-emergence herbicides 100-250 Medium-coarse 236-403 Large droplets result in less drift. Good control of broad-leaved weeds
Flat fan Extended range Herbicides 100-400 Fine-coarse <144-403 Designed to operate over a large pressure range. Droplet size between standard and low pressure nozzles
Flat fan Air induction Herbicides and fungicides 200-800 Coarse-extremely coarse 341-502 Large droplets result in less drift but have relatively good coverage. Good application on broad leaves
Flat fan Air assist (twin fluid) Herbicides and fungicides 200-600 Medium-coarse 236-403 Ability to change droplet size by changing air pressure
Flat fan Twin Post-emergence herbicides, fungicides 250-400 Fine <144-235 One fan is angled ~30° forwards and the second is angled ~30° back for better leaf coverage
Flat fan Wide angle Banding between rows 150-400 Fine <144-235 Two outlets project either side of the nozzle to produce one wide angle fan
Flat fan Flooding High volume pre-emergence herbicides 100-250 Coarse 341-403 Large droplets result in less drift. High volume application
Even fan Standard Banding between rows 150-250 Medium 236-340 Produce a uniform distribution across the fan pattern
Hollow cone Standard Low volume 400-800 Fine Main nozzle used for insecticide
Hollow cone Standard Insecticides and fungicides 400-800 <144-235 Main nozzle used for insecticide and fungicide application
Hollow cone Whirl Herbicides 100-400 Fine-coarse <144-403 Nozzles available for the application of pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides. Large passageway minimises clogging
Solid cone Standard High volume insecticides and fungicides 400-2500 Medium 236-340 High volume for good penetration of foliage
Solid cone Full Pre-emergence herbicides 100-300 Coarse 341-403 Large droplets result in less drift

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