Is yellow spot affected by location?

Page last updated: Thursday, 25 May 2017 - 1:46pm

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Yellow leaf spot can have a significant impact on wheat yields. Our research has shown that the fungus that causes yellow leaf spot matures earlier in the southern coastal cropping areas compared with the central and northern croppping areas in Western Australia.

Yellow spot spore maturation was extensively studied in 2008-2010 looking at the effect of variety resistance to yellow spot carry over. In these studies it was found that the resistance level of the variety was having an effect on the spore maturation process. From 2011-2013, work moved onto a new area, looking at the effect of different climatic conditions in different geographic regions on the maturation process using the variety Wyalkatchem, the dominant variety at the time. However, Mace quickly replaced Wyalkatchem as the dominant variety and additional data on the maturation process on this variety was needed to establish if it differs significantly to the process occurring on Wyalkatchem.

In 2014, trials were conducted at five locations (Albany, Northam, Eradu, Katanning and Scaddan) using both Wyalkatchem and Mace, confirming that the varieties did not influence the maturity process. In 2015-16 trials focussed on Mace at three locations (Northam, Katanning and Esperance). This work, along with South Australian (Waite, Blyth and Hart) and Victorian (Horsham) sites, has been used to develop and validate the Yellow Spot Spore Maturity model.

Stubble from Western Australia and the molecular spore traps in South Australia and Victoria were assessed in Northam to determine the maturation process and timing of yellow spot spore production on this stubble. Measurements involve examining stubble samples for pseudothecia (the fruiting bodies of the fungus causing yellow spot) and assessing them for maturity. In 2017 work will focus on obtaining yellow leaf spot maturation data from Victoria, northern NSW and Queensland to add to the Yellow Spot Model validation.


Jean Galloway