2018 Wheat variety sowing guide for Western Australia

With so many new wheat varieties out there, you may be scratching your head over which variety to choose for next season. The 2018 Wheat variety sowing guide for Western Australia is here to make that decision easier. The suitability of each variety to each environment and farming system is explored throughout the guide and recently released varieties are compared with established and commonly grown lines.

The 2018 Wheat variety sowing Guide for Western Australia has been produced by Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's Tactical wheat agronomy project and co-funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC). The document aims to make wheat variety decision and management easier.

When deciding whether to implement a new variety into your farming system, it’s important to determine whether the change will provide an advantage. A new variety should;

  • have better or equal yield and disease traits
  • provide diversity or risk mitigation
  • suit the current market requirements.

The 2018 guide provides growers with access to variety by variety yield, agronomic and disease comparisons, fact sheets, information on which wheat varieties to sow in each of the agzones and market information.

The 2018 Wheat variety sowing guide for Western Australia will be distributed to subscribers of the GRDC's GroundCover Network magazine in September, 2017.

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