Geoff Anderson
Research Scientist
Geoff Anderson

My role in the department

Geoff’s role involves working with WA grains industry developing improved soil management practices. He is currently involved in two GRDC supported projects looking at plant nutrition, subsoil constraints and water repellent soils. Geoff is also involved in a Royalties for Regions supported project looking at seed coatings to improve crop establishment on water repellent soils and phosphorus fertiliser coating with elemental sulphur to improve sulphur nutrition of crops.

Contact information

+61 (0)8 9690 2104

My background

Geoff has more than 30 years experience in agricultural research and industry development mainly in the field of plant nutrition in projects at DPIRD, Murdoch University, CSIRO, The University of Western Australia and University of New England. His experience combines a background in plant nutrition research in contrasting environments (NSW and WA) and agricultural systems (crops and pastures). He is currently working on projects looking at managing subsoil constraints and water repellent soils.


  • Subsoil constraints understanding and management. GRDC funded project DAW00242
  • Delivering enhanced agronomic strategies for improved crop performance on water repellent soils in Western Australia. GRDC supported project DAW00244
  • Putting the Focus on Profitable Crop and Pasture Sequences in WA. GRDC supported project DAW00213
  • Making better fertiliser decisions for cropping systems in Western Australia. GRDC funded project UMU00030
  • Seed and fertiliser coating technology for use in cropping systems. FFPjPO4

Key Expertise

nutrient use efficiency, cropping systems, soil fertility, sulphur nutrition, nitrogen nutrition, phosphorus nutrition, soil productivity and water use efficiency.


  • PhD University of New England, 1992
  • Masters of Rural Science, University of New England, 1988
  • Bachelor Science in Agriculture with Honours, The University of Western Australia, 1983