Sheep genetics and selection

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The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) carries out genetic research in sheep and contributes to developing modern tools to assist breeders in their success to breed better meat and wool products from robust, easy care sheep.

DPIRD carries out genetic research on production and robustness (disease resistance and easy care sheep) for the Western Australian sheep flock. The outcomes from this research are published in the general media, presented at field days, at special events and also available upon request.

RamSelect workshops were also offered by the department as part of our Sheep Industry Business Innovation project and these workshops aimed to increase producer confidence in ram selection through utilising Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) along with visual assessment to assist in buying the right genes for your sheep business.

The video below discusses the importance of ASBVs with sheep breeder Lynley Anderson of Anderson Rams and Lynley shares how they have helped her achieve breeding objectives.

The department’s focus is to assist industry to achieve an annual rate of genetic improvement of about 2%. Although seemingly a small figure, these gains are permanent and accumulate every year.

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