Safety of genetically modified (GM) foods

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Information on the safety of genetically modified (GM) foods and the labelling of GM food in Australia.

Who are FSANZ and what do they do?

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is the Australian regulatory agency that is responsible for ensuring that all genetically modified (GM) foods available for sale in Australia are as safe as non-GM foods. FSANZ use a science evidence based approach that lines up with international food safety guidelines to decide whether or not a GM food is as safe as the non-GM food.

Refer to FSANZ’s website for more information on the safety of GM foods, approved GM foods in Australia and information on topical GM food related matters.

GM food labelling in Australia

Australia has one of the most rigorous regimens for labelling of GM foods in the world.

Under Australian law, all GM foods or foods with altered characteristics as a result of genetic modification must be labelled as GM. The statement ‘genetically modified’ must be on the label next to the name of the GM food or next to the GM ingredient in the ingredient list.

If the food is unpackaged, then the information must be displayed close to the food at the point of sale, for example genetically modified soy beans on a container of loose dried soy beans.

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