Standards for judging spring fruits and vegetables

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Good shape, medium to large uniform size, good colour, green or purple skins. 

Cape gooseberries 
Calyces intact and dry, deep orange, clean fruits. 

Large, shapely fruits of good even colour natural to the cultivar with bright, shiny skins. Thin skins are preferable. No scale insects. 

Good size and colour, shapely, smooth yellow or orange skin. 

Large, ripe fruits of good colour and not wilted. 

Mainly almonds, macadamias, chestnuts and walnuts. Large nuts with clean shells and plump fresh kernels filling the cavities. 

Good size, good purple or red skin, not excessively wrinkled. Juicy pulp with many seeds, filling the whole cavity. 

Stone fruits
Large, fully ripe fruits of good colour with bloom intact (plums) and having stalks. 

Large, ripe fruits of good colour, bright and fresh, good shape and with stalks. No leaves in fruit. Fruit with white shoulders or tips should not be included; a conical shape is preferred. 


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Standards for judging spring fruits and vegetables