Pome and Summer Fruit Orchard Spray Guide for Western Australia 2020-21

Page last updated: Wednesday, 10 February 2021 - 1:26pm

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The Pome and Summer Fruit Orchard Spray Guide 2020-21 provides information on chemical products, both registered and those as minor use permits, to control insect, mite and mollusc pests, diseases and weeds in orchards in Western Australia.

It also provides information for postharvest treatment of fruit and is tailored to the specific growing conditions in Western Australia.

The guide is now available only as an electronic version. A copy can be download from this webpage.

The Pome and Summer Fruit Orchard Spray Guide provides Western Australian pome and stone fruit growers with information on chemical control option for pests and diseases in their orchards, postharvest treatments, chemical thinning options, herbicides, responsible pesticide use and diagnostic services.

This update of the guide has been streamlined to focus on the spray option information.

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Some useful links below provide access to further information concerning Western Australian and national legislation, regulation, training, chemical resistance and production information. Other links are listed within the guide.

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