Value Growth and Innovation in the Beef Industry Supply Chain

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A study has been completed to identify critical success factors from a number of global and domestic agrifood industry growth models that could contribute to international export competitiveness and grow the value and long-term sustainability of WA’s northern beef industry.

The study, 'Value Growth and Innovation in the Beef Industry' supply chain, was presented at the Kimberley Economic Forum on 1 November 2016 and outlined four high-level WA beef supply chain scenarios for consideration by WA’s northern beef supply chain and investors.

The study was commissioned by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (formerly the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia) as part of the Northern Beef Futures project.

The models and scenarios developed by EY have the potential to offer the local beef industry increased value growth, innovation and international export competitiveness. They include:

  • Producer collaboration, where producers work together to increase scale, market power and forward integration, and value add options.
  • Digital supply chains, to drive more direct supply chain models with real-time performance improvement information, sustainability assurance and traceability.
  • Investment by the end-customer, where there is an alignment of incentives and objectives between the end-customer/investor, processor and producer group
  • Co-opetition where WA beef industry participants work collaboratively to improve their global export competitiveness.

The study also addressed common critical success factors in several global agrifood industry growth models and their potential application to the northern and WA beef industry.

The presentation is accessible on the right hand side of this webpage.

The department's Northern Beef Futures project is supported by Royalties for Regions.

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