Partnering for Customer Value: case study – Greenyard Frozen

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The P4CV initiative commissioned 11 case studies profiling 14 agribusinesses in the horticulture, livestock, dairy, grains, seafood and processed foods sectors, across small, medium and large enterprises that were from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Greenyard is a global market leader in fresh, frozen and prepared fruit & vegetables. Its turnover in 2019 was ~4 billion euros, supplying to 19 of the 20 top retailers in Europe. Greenyard Frozen, worked with a network of farmers, researchers, engineers and food service to develop novel harvesting and processing systems to produce cauliflower rice. It capitalised on its novel approach through low carbohydrate ready meals.

Read the Greenyard Frozen Snapshot for quick details on the case study:


Patterns of success demonstrated by the Greenyard Frozen Case Study:


Reasons to read the full Greenyard Frozen case study

  • In-depth discussion of open innovation being applied in the real world.
  • Description of global roll-out strategy for private label products.