Water supply management after fire

Page last updated: Wednesday, 21 February 2018 - 10:16am

Protecting your water supply from contamination should be a high priority after a fire. Material, such as ash and soil, from burnt paddocks and bushland can be blown or washed into farm dams and provide nutrients for bacteria and algae. 

Fires near water supplies will cause water quality problems

Fires around on-farm water supplies can cause several problems:

  • ash and windblown debris can accumulate in the water making the water unattractive to livestock, and build up nutrients leading to algal blooms
  • loss of groundcover makes the catchment very susceptible to wind and water erosion: water erosion can move a lot of silt, debris and organic material into the dam, making the water unattractive to livestock, and possibly leading to toxic algal growth.

Treating and preventing dam contamination after fire

Details for treating comtaminated water and for preventing contamination are on the contaminated farm dams page.

Fence silt traps

A simple fence of coarse shade cloth or straw can prevent most contamination entering water supplies after a fire.

Read about one farmer's experience with this design.

Being prepared for fire

By planning and acting ahead of the fire season, many of the risks from fire can be reduced or avoided.

For more information see bushfire survival plans for landholders.

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