Expressions of Interest - Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program

Page last updated: Monday, 11 October 2021 - 11:40am

Round 1 of the Western Australian Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program is now closed and submissions are currently being assessed.

A second round of funding is planned for early 2022 and potential proponents are encouraged to start preparing their submission in anticipation of the opening date.

Please visit this page regularly for updates to the Program, including dates for future rounds and revised documentation.

The Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program (CF-LRP) aims to realise agriculture's potential to sequester carbon in the landscape and contribute to the growth of the Western Australian carbon farming market. These on-ground projects will deliver environmental, social and economic co-benefits and contribute to the long-term sustainability of the agriculture industry.

What can you apply for?

The CF-LRP has two streams:

1. ACCU Plus offers up-front funding for new Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) carbon farming projects that deliver one or more priority co-benefits in return for an agreed number of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). The two categories are: 

ACCU Plus A - ERF soil and vegetation projects

ACCU Plus B - ERF soil projects located on a property with an average annual rainfall below 350 mm (May – October, 2000-2020). Refer to the map located on the Resources for Proponents webpage.

Farmers interested in an ERF soil carbon project in the lower rainfall areas of the eastern Wheatbelt, can email to find out more about the requirements and obligations.

2. Future Carbon provides grants to establish innovative carbon sequestration pilot projects, activities and trials to support the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. If your proposal seeks to develop or amend an ERF methodology, complete a Future Carbon - ERF Method Development form prior to submitting your EOI and send to

Successful projects in both streams will facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity building. 

This Decision Tree can help determine which option suits your proposal.

Funding from the CF-LRP can be used for a range of activities undertaken during the project's operation (not before the project is funded). These include: 

  • Soil testing, preparation and/or amelioration 
  • Site preparation (e.g. weed control) 
  • Purchase of tube stock and/or seed
  • Planting of vegetation (by machine or hand) 
  • Vegetation protection (fencing, tree guards) 
  • Machinery hire (not purchase)
  • Ecological assessments (e.g. remnant and revegetation, biodiversity) 
  • Site surveys 
  • Planting plans 
  • Carbon estimation assessment 
  • Advisers (financial, agricultural, agronomy, ecological, carbon) 


To be eligible, projects must be located in the South West Land Division. They must undertake carbon sequestration activities and deliver one or more of the CF-LRP priority co-benefits. Funded activities must be new (i.e. not yet commenced) and additional (i.e. would not have occurred without State Government financial support).

Proponents are required to provide a minimum 30% cash co-contribution and submit ongoing project and co-benefit monitoring and evaluation reports at relevant milestones. 

Expressions of Interest 

Expressions of Interest for Round 1 of the WA Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program are currently closed and preparation has commenced for launching Round 2 in early 2022.

To assist potential proponents prepare for Round 2, information relating to Round 1 is still accessible on this page including:

Please note that these documents will be refreshed and updated upon the launch of Round 2.

The Resources for Proponents webpage also provides additional support to help plan your project for future rounds.