Expression of Interest: ANABP 01 into international markets

Page last updated: Tuesday, 16 April 2019 - 10:13am

This expression of Interest covers all aspects of commercialisation from development of orchards, supplying compliant ANABP 01 fruit into markets, supply chain management, brand development, fostering and growing consumer demand outside Australia.

Closes: Completed proposal documents must be received by 5pm Western Australia Standard Time on 3 May 2019


Commercialisation involves management of the brand and trademark which apples to fruit of ANABP01, and marketing of branded fruit under a grant of associated licence rights.

The Western Australian Agriculture Authority (the Authority) is the holder of the Plant Breeders Rights for ANABP 01 and will be the owner of the associated trademark for fruit of ANABP 01 that meets agreed quality specifications. 

Should you wish to submit a proposal to become a licensee, please address in writing the selection criteria in the attached document.


About the Australian National Apple Breeding Program (ANABP)

The Australian National Apple Breeding Program (ANABP) is based in Western Australia at the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development. The program aims to create apple cultivars that are unique, high quality, meet consumer expectations and beneficial to the Australian apple industry.  ANABP is a continuation of the apple breeding program that was initiated in WA in the late 1960’s at Stoneville Research Station, and was effective in producing varieties that met market demand including the successful production and release of Cripps Pink (Pink LadyTM) , Cripps Red (SundownerTM/JoyaTM, Big Time (MajesticTM) and Western Dawn (Enchanted®).

About ANABP 01

ANABP 01 resulted through traditional crossing of the Royal Gala and Cripps Red varieties. Through the breeding program stages, ANABP 01 was identified as an apple with qualities that make it highly commercially attractive with strong visual appeal to consumers and good flavour profile.

Apples that meet certain quality specification including levels of sweetness, firmness and the required coverage of the distinctive burgundy colour are marketed under the trademark Bravo® in Australia.

The Department and the successful applicant(s)

The Authority is the owner of all intellectual property rights associated with the variety. 

The successful applicant(s) will be granted a licence to commercialise and exploit the variety on behalf of the Authority outside Australia.  Among other things, this license will allow the licensee(s) to undertake production of ANABP 01 trees, variety development and sales activities, packing and marketing of the ANABP 01 fruit and use of a registered trademark in the agreed territory(s) on terms and conditions agreed with the Authority. 

Preparing your response

Applicants are to register their interest by completing a written response to this EOI, addressing the selection criteria. The EOI document outlining the selection criteria can be downloaded from the menu on the right of this page. A technical information dossier can also be downloaded from the menu on the right of this page

Lodging your response

Lodge your response to:

Attn: Rohan Prince
Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development
3 Baron-Hay Court